Hello World, I'm

Ahmad Ammar Bahtiar

A college student at University Pasundan, Bandung.


  • MTs Negeri 9 Tasikmalaya
  • 2015 - 2018

  • SMK Negeri 1 Padaherang
  • RPL 2018 - 2021

  • Universitas Pasundan Bandung
  • Teknik Informatika 2021


  • Praktik Kerja Lapangan (PT Satu Visi Indocreative)
  • 2020

  • Team Pameran Project (SMK Negeri 1 Padaherang)
  • 2019

Familiar with


Ammarbahtiar Restaurant
Ammarbahtiar Restaurant

The restaurant website for the school test, was created with the Codeigniter 4 Framework and bootstrap 4 with a Mysql database.

SMP Negeri 4 Pamarican
SMP Negeri 4 Pamarican

Website of SMPN 4 Pamarican, Ciamis. School Prakerin assignment, created with Codeigniter 3 Framework and Bootstrap 4 with Mysql database.


Website Yukngode web learning coding, made because there is a challenge, Made with HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap 5.

Neomorphism Portfolio

Website portfolio neomorphism UI Kit by themesberg, Made with HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap 5.

Ariana Grande - Positions (AmmarBahtiar X Clairuz Remix)

Music Remix By AmmarBahtiar & Clairuz (Kevin Alfian). Listening on Youtube & SoundCloud.


🎉 18 September, 2021
AmmarBahtiar appears on the first page of Google search!

if someone is looking for me just type it on google ok. 😎 Read more